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Yanyan was founded in 2008. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the production, development and sales of heat transfer materials and heat transfer processing. The company is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, the world's manufacturing capital. 

Our main products are heat transfer lettering film (pvc lettering film, pu lettering film, metal lettering film, glitter lettering film, reflective luminous lettering film, bronzing lettering film), heat transfer, seamless clothing field heat Processing and customization of melt adhesive (PO, PU,TPU material), PET release film, clothing accessories related heat transfer,which are widely used in clothes, shoes and hats, underwear, bags, toys,travel products, gift packaging and other product that require heat transfer processing.

We have enlarge the coating workshop, introduce some automatic coating machine and related complete set equipment so that it came in to be a relative big improved coating  assembly line production.It mainly produces self-developed PET release film that can transfer color, absorb color, peel and be anti-static, which increases stability of heat transfer printing.

Our masters have more than ten years of research and development and production experience.

We have adopted international inspection standards.

Environmental protection, Can't fade after washing, Heat transfer without color difference, No color difference in heat transfer, Soft touch.

Our products mainly passed SGS, OKEO-Test, MSDS certificate. Our  Sewage treatment systems is helpful with our eco-friendly heat transfer products and to produce environment friendly products.

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Main products

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl is widely used in clothes, leather products. The basic theory is that the vinyl has hot melt agent on surface and users can heat press the vinyl on fabrics or leathers when heat it. HTV vinyl has 3 to five layers, and they are base layer, release layer, printing layer, adhesive layer and hot melt powder.So it looks all the same on appearance, however there are different materials to make different quality vinyl.