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What are the advantages of heat transfer film?

2021-11-05 14:32 Penny
Compared with silk screen printing, heat transfer printing is a new technology of clothing printing. It has many incomparable advantages of silk screen printing. Compared with silk screen printing, it has the following different characteristics:

1. Bright color

Using high-quality heat transfer film and diversified varieties, it can make different color Pleiades, with bright and clear color, bright and pure color.

2. More applicable materials

The pattern effect of heat transfer film printing can be applied to high-grade clothes, and the range of materials that can be used is greatly improved, which can not be done by silk screen printing.

3. Flexible printing

It can meet the needs of professional production and personal personalized use. The designed pattern can be cut by a professional lettering machine and then heat transferred by a hot stamping machine; You can also use electric hot transfer manually to make single piece production and personalized production a reality.

4. Simple equipment

As long as there is a computer, lettering machine and hot stamping machine can be used; Cutting map is very convenient without plate making, which saves the time and cost of plate making. It can be taken immediately and saves manpower and material resources.

5. Flexible use of materials

At present, the lettering film and hot stamping of our company have roll packaging and film packaging, which can be used flexibly. The roll pack is rich in materials, which can be made into more products. It can also be put if it can't be used up, so it won't be wasted.

The film packaging is more flexible. You can print several products one by one, avoiding the trouble of cutting, avoiding waste and controllable cost.

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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl is widely used in clothes, leather products. The basic theory is that the vinyl has hot melt agent on surface and users can heat press the vinyl on fabrics or leathers when heat it. HTV vinyl has 3 to five layers, and they are base layer, release layer, printing layer, adhesive layer and hot melt powder.So it looks all the same on appearance, however there are different materials to make different quality vinyl.