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The difference between full color and pattern temperature change heat transfer vinyl

2022-04-16 09:50 Penny
There are several categories of temperature-changing heat transfer vinyl, and what are their differences? Click this article to learn more about temperature-changing heat transfer vinyl.

Recently, our company has launched a new product - temperature change heat transfer vinyl.

The material of this product is TPU, and the color of hot stamping on clothes changes with the change in temperature:

温变刻字膜比较 01.jpg

The temperature changes heat transfer vinyl is divided into two types: solid color and pattern. The following are the differences between them:

(1) Different thicknesses: the thickness of the pure color temperature change lettering film is generally 0.15mm; the thickness of the pattern temperature change lettering film is 0.3mm;

 (2) The engraving machine is different: the pure color temperature change heat transfer vinyl can be engraved with a general engraving machine; the pattern temperature change heat transfer vinyl  needs a laser laser machine to engrave the pattern;

温变刻字膜比较 02.jpg

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Heat Transfer Vinyl is widely used in clothes, leather products. The basic theory is that the vinyl has hot melt agent on surface and users can heat press the vinyl on fabrics or leathers when heat it. HTV vinyl has 3 to five layers, and they are base layer, release layer, printing layer, adhesive layer and hot melt powder.So it looks all the same on appearance, however there are different materials to make different quality vinyl.