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Chameleon Heat Transfer Film

Chameleon Heat Transfer Film is a kind of optical lettering film, which has different visual color effects under different light or different angles.

The color system of the picture is blue and purple, different angles, the blue or purple depth is not the same.

Using environmental protection materials, the products have been certified, with good weeding and easy tear off characteristics, can be used on different materials, with anti rubbing, tensile and other non deformation characteristics. It can not fade in the face of cold weather or extreme rain.

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Product Introduction

Chameleon Heat Transfer Fil is new product, the Chameleon Heat Transfer Fil made of environmental protection materials and processing equipment imported by the company. The product has passed the environmental protection certification.

The Chameleon Heat Transfer Fil can provide customized service,according to the needs of customers, we can provide customized processing, customized production and other different services.

Chameleon Heat Transfer Film Chameleon Heat Transfer Film

Variety colors can be choose

Chameleon Heat Transfer Film

Packing Specification

The standard specification of this product is 50cm * 25m / roll, and other specifications can be packaged according to customer requirements, such as 61cm * 25m / roll, 30cm * 12.5m/roll, etc.

We also have other color products. Please contact us for more details.