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Pu Metallic Heat Transfer FlexFoil Hologram Vinyl

Hologram vinyl ,Holographic transfer film,Korea heat transfer vinyl-FlexFoil.

Exclusively developed with gold edge, more high-end, high special, thinner and better to discharge waste.

Pure color soft metal lettering film, the color can be developed and produced according to customer requirements, and the MOQ is small.

Bright, metallic texture, variety colors can be choose. 

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Packing specification: 50cm*50Meters per roll,  we can also offer cutting sheets.

The Pu Metallic Heat Transfer FlexFoil Hologram Vinyl can provide customized service,according to the needs of customers, we can provide customized processing, customized production and other different services.

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Catalogu of FlexFoil Hologram HTV

Catalogu of FlexFoil Hologram HTV